With on our store you are able to purchase different things from our store to be able to use in our server. Clicking on the image will reveal what items you are able to obtain from our store. By purchasing items from our store will help us provide more game modes in the future and to be able to keep the server up  and running for all to enjoy from new players of Minecraft or to players who have been playing for a long time. You're items on purchase will be delivered to your Minecraft character in game.

We are able to accept different payments from credit cards to paypal from all around the world so your not limited to just one type of payment. 


All donations made to our store go towards expanding and improving our servers and staff to be able to provide a better and unusual experience for all users. VoidPhoenix thanks all who are able to leave a donation and will gladly discuss with you where your money and support will be going if you would like any information.

Contact Us  


Discord : https://discord.gg/USeVAWN

Email : Void-Phoenix@hotmail.com

Main Site : http://voidphoenix.com


For faster response, please message us through discord on the address linked above however for anyone that doesn't have discord please email us and  we will be able to look at the inquiries or issues as soon  as possible.


Important Notice


VoidPhoenix does not give out refunds, every purchase is final. 

Your minecraft username must be the same name you enter when you purchase something, if the incorrect name is typed it is considered a gift.

Please read our Terms of Service at checkout. You may contact us in case of some error or bug. 


- VoidPhoenix Staff